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67705 Trippstadt
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Trippstadt's Baroque Castle

The romantic Karl's Valley Gorge

Karl's Valley Gorge

Karl's Valley in Winter

Water Supply Tunnel

Sculpture Path

Meiserhof Stud

Klug'sche Mühle

Heated open-air pool

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Hiking Destinations

You can discover the numerous castles, castle ruins, rock hills, cliffs and gorges on hikes, or on a guided mountain bike tour. For example Trippstadt's fine baroque castle from 1767, the ruin of Wilenstein Castle (12th century) or the famous romantic Karls Valley Gorge are only a few km away from the Saw Mill camping and recreation centre. A visit to the Brunnenstollen - water supply tunnel - is also of interest.

Walk along the Sculpture Path to the Piccard quarry in Schweinstal Valley, or take a look at the many horses at the „Meiserhof” stud.

All these places of interest are in the vicinity of our caravan camping park.

On very warm days we recommend a visit to the nearby open-air heated swimming pool with it's giant chute.

Now lets hope we've aroused your curiosity and you'll set off on your trip to discover all the above.

You can obtain further information from the Tourist Bureau in Trippstadt:

Tourist Bureau Trippstadt
Hauptstraße 26
67705 Trippstadt
Phone: +49 (0) 6306 341
Fax:     +49 (0) 6306 1529
E-Mail:   info(at)

Zentrum Pfälzerwald

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