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Trifels near by Annweiler

The romantic Karl's Valley Gorge

Teufelstich near by Hinterweidental

Deutsche Weinstraße

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The Palatinate Forest Nature Park

Covering an area of 442.000 acres the Palatinate Forest nature park represents the largest unified wooded area and also the most impressive red rock scenery in Germany. In 1992 it was recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The Saw Mill camping and recreational park lies in the centre of this never changing landscape, which invites you to undertake outings in the vicinity.

Lonesome forest tracks and many enchanted pathways make the forest a paradise for hikers. Discover its natural beauty and varying fauna and flora. The well-marked footpath network, over 400 km in all, will lead you through peaceful forests, deep valleys and gorges, over rambling hills and open meadows, past calm ponds and lakes.

There are plenty of destinations to choose from: Towers with splendid views, castles, citadels, bizarre cliff formations and artistic sculptures. It's possible to discover the beauty of the region on horseback too,or by bike. Experience the wonderful colours of the forest, especially in autumn at mushroom gathering time.

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