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Unforgettable Culinay Experiences from the „Saw Mill Restaurant“

Wild boar roast with red wine

Salmon with green noodles


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Dear Guests,

Welcome to our „Saw Mill Restaurant“ and many thanks for your visit.

Cooking from the Heart

Mr. Alfred and his team offer you a choice of international dishes as well as local specialities, whereby we highly value the use of our regional Palatinate products.
In order to be able to serve you constant high quality we buy all our meats from nearby butchers .Our wine cellar is filled exclusively with Palatinate wines from the „Four Seasons“ wine growing cooperative association (Weingenossenschaf Vier Jahreszeiten).
Similarly to the wine, we also attach great importance to a regional brewery. Therefore all of our special draught beers are delivered from Bischof`s Private Brewery in the Palatinate hills

Opening Times

Snacks are available from 11 am till 9 pm. All other meals are served from 12am till 2 pm and from 6 pm till 8 pm. We are closed on Mondays. However, during the main season in July and August the restaurant is open daily.

Please enjoy your meal.
Your Family Nothof and staff

The Menu of the „Saw Mill Restaurant“

Soup of the day € 3,50
Potato soup Palatine style € 4,00
Liver dumpling soup € 4,10
Homemade Hungarian beef soup € 4,30
Baked camembert with, cranberries and toast € 3,10
Smoked norwegian salmonwith creamed horseradish, toast and butter € 8,90
Two smoked trout fillets, toast and butter € 9,50
Small mixed salad of the season € 3,10
Large mixed salad of the season € 5,70
Italian salad with ham, olives, salami, egg, tomatoes and bread € 6,90
FITNESS PLATE fresh salad with fried strips of turkey and bread € 9,80
NICE SALAD with tuna, tomatoes, olives, egg, cucumber and bread € 9,00
Hawaii Toast – with ham, cheese and pine-apple € 6,60
Beef Dishes  
Sliced beef liver with “Spätzle” similar to pasta and a side salad € 8,80
Hungarian stew and and “Spätzle” similar to pasta and a side salad € 9,80
Beef with horse-radish sauce, boiled potatoes and a sour gherkin € 9,50
Our Specialities  
„Saw Mill“ Barbecue Platter for two persons
Rump steak, various pieces of pork, bacon and mushrooms, served with chips and side salad
€ 30,30
Pork Dishes  
Wiener Schnitzel (breaded cutlet), chips and salad € 9,20
Cutlet in creamy gravy, butter-pasta and side salad € 9,70
Jägerschnitzel – cutlet with mushroom- gravy, chips and salad € 11,30
Cordon bleu filled with cheese and ham, chips and salad € 12,10
Pork Steaks  
Wood-cutter`s Steak (not lean) with onions, fried egg, chips and salad € 12,60
Pork medaillons with Palatinate mushrooms, „Spätzle“ (similar to pasta) and salad € 14,70
Pangasius-fillet of fish with remoulade sauce, boiled potatos and salad € 9,80
„Zander“ fillet in creamy dill sauce, rice and salad € 14,60
Wild boar roast with red cabbage, William`s pears, potato-dumplings, cranberries and side salad € 14,90
Game stew with delicate Palatinate mushrooms, bread dumplings, cranberries and side salad € 13,50
Typical Palatinate Dishes  
„Schiefer Sack“ – one sausages, one liver dumpling, “Sauerkraut” (pickled cabbage) and bread € 6,30
Two liver dumplings – „Sauerkraut„ (pickled cabbage) and bread € 6,80
„Saumagen“ Palatinate speciality – Palatinate speciality (thick slice of  spiced chopped pork), pickled cabbage and bread € 6,90
Two Palatinate sausages and chips € 7,10
„Palatinate Platter„ – one sausage, one liver dumpling, one slice of “Saumagen”, pickled cabbage and fried potatoes € 9,60
Vegetarian Dishes  
3 fried eggs and fried potatoes € 5,70
Mushroom omelette and salad € 7,70
Savoury cheese spaetzle with fried onions and a salad € 8,20
3 potato-pancakes with apple sauce € 4,70
For our young guests  
Spaghetti Napoli with tomato sauce € 5,20
Spaghetti Bolognese with meat sauce € 6,00
Chips with ketchup and mayonnaise € 3,00
mini cutlet (Schnitzel) and chips, ketchup or mayonnaise € 6,20
„Kiddy - box“ with three chicken nuggets, chips, ketchup, a Capri Sun, a toy and a lollipop € 4,70
SnacksAlso from 2 – 6 pm  
„Cheese plate“ sandwich with Bread and butter, cheese and onion rings € 6,00
„Ham-plate" with bread and butter, smoked ham and gherkin € 6,00
Bread and butter, cooked ham and gherkin € 5,70
Portion of „Hausmacher“ Bread, with liver sausage, black pudding, „Schwartenmagen“, gherkin and mustard € 6,10
„Brotzeit“ - Plate" with the Palatinate liver sausage, blood sausage, ham, cheese, bread, butter and mustard € 9,30
Ice-cream – various flavours € 2,80
Ice-cream – various flavours plus fresh cream € 3,10
Ice-cream with a „shot“ € 4,10
Fruit Dream € 4,80
Ice Bee € 2,50
Ice-coffee € 3,90
Ice-chocolate € 3,90
Cup of Denmark € 4,10
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How to reach the Saw Mill Camping and Recreation Centre

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