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Camping-Freizeitzentrum Sägmühle
Sägmühle 1
67705 Trippstadt
Phone: +49 (0) 6306 921 90
Fax:       +49 (0) 6306 20 00

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Aerial view of the park in the heart of the Palatinate Forest

The Saw Mill Lake

Camping at the Saw Mill Lake

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The Saw Mill Recreation Park - The ideal place for your holiday

An oasis in the biosphere Palatinate Forest nature park

The Saw Mill Camp and Recreation Park is situated in the heart of the Palatinate Forest. It lies at the side of a small, idyllic lake in the Neuhof valley, south of the climatic health resort of Trippstadt.

Enjoy your well-deserved holidays

If you are seeking relaxation on your holidays, but don't want to do without any comfort during the best days of the year, then you'll find the ideal place for a restful holiday at our Saw Mill Park.

Beautiful prospects

Now we invite you to take a tour through the park. Take a look at the spacious tent, motorhome and caravan pitches or the toilet and shower blocks.

Visit our restaurant with its ballroom and terrace, and our accessory shop. Don't miss our extensive sporting recreational facilities.

The Camping and Recreation Centre - An overview

To give you an overall impression, we have made a map of the site on which all the buildings, facilities and pitches are marked.

Have fun discovering the site. We look forward to welcoming you here and preparing a wonderful stay for you.

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